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Life has its dawn, its sunrise, and its zenith. The dawn of life is Love; The sunrise of life is Wisdom; The zenith of life is Truth. This is eternal life which, ceaselessly renewed, Springs forth from God - from Love.
Peter Deunov


Paneurythmy in the Rila mountains (August 2015)
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August 2015 Rila Lakes Bulgaria


August 2015 Rila Lakes Bulgaria


The three parts of Paneurythmy

Paneurythmy (also at times spelled 'paneurhythmy' and 'panevrytmy') consists of three sections:

the First Day of Spring / 28 exercises; the Rays of the Sun; and the Pentagramme


About paneurythmy

Paneurythmy is a sequence of movements that 'harmonises' and 'tunes' the human person not only in body, but also in soul and spirit. It is moved gracefully to vitalising music and song composed and developed by Peter Deunov during the 1930s.

In September 2023, David, from Kundalini Yoga SouthWest Last Wave podcast in Yallingup, recorded this interview with myself on Paneurhythmy (nearly one hour long):


The music for Paneurhythmy has been made freely available, as have a number of resources such as video instructions and books (some of which are linked to below).

> Paneurythmy (pdf instruction book 3.92MB)

> Paneurhythmy - The Supreme Cosmic Rhythm - youtube video tutorial 2007



The prayer I personally use at the end is modified from the form given by Deunov, and one I also use for other occasions:

May the Peace, Love, Wisdom and Truth of God abide in my [our] heart[s] and throughout the world;

May the Peace, Love, Wisdom and Truth of Christ arise in my [our] heart[s] and in the heart of each human being;

May the Peace, Love, Wisdom and Truth of the Holy Spirit shine through the thoughts of my [our] heart[s] and through the thoughts of all people.

Please note that the order in which I say the three words 'Love, Wisdom, and Truth' varies

This is followed with the Greeting for which I silently speak the following words to Christ whilst, with raised hand towards each person, I greet their depth of being:

Not I, but Christ in me.


Paneurythmy and its connection to tarot

I have written my own personal reflections that have arisen in connection with the practice of paneurythmy. Here is a link if interested:

> On Paneurhythmy and Tarot [please note that the link needs to be renewed... working on this soon!


Other resources

> www.panevritmia.info)

> triangle.bg



> Download CD (110MB)