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On the incarnation of Ahriman

To be honest, I wasn't sure where or how to put this page, which originally arose from various reflections on what was then a forthcoming 2012 and some of my interest in symbolism.

On the one hand, there is no doubt that the year 2012 has significance for those of us living at this time. Similarly, the year 2000 was a milestone. And the year 2033 will be another such significant passage as the Christian world faces 2000 years since Christ's crucifixion (never mind for now the minor discrepancies in the dating of the event).

For myself, there are three shining lights that stand out in humanity's individual and spiritual achievements: the Judeo-Christian tradition; the Hindo-Buddhist; and the secular-Humanist (or laïc) (each of these lights are opposed by spiritual forces that seek to extinguish the same).

In addition, I personally consider that the Divine manifests in various ways. St John's description of the Logos is one such manner, as is the Sophia. If we take the galactic centre as symbolic of Sophia, then the end of the Mayan (long) calendar in December 2012 marks an important conjunction of our Sun with that point, and is well worth celebrating.

In recent times, more has come forth from the Judeo-Christian traditions regarding the divine feminine aspect (which I here simply refer to as Sophia). Her 'blue' quality contrasts to the 'yellow' brightness of the Logos.

To symbolise the syncretism of what I have but briefly mentioned above, I put together the following emblem, incorporating a meso-american symbol said to represent the God of the galactic centre (Hunab Ku) and a newish Buddhist flag signifying Compassion [Logos] and Wisdom [Sofia] (the Karmapa flag). At its corners are the traditional Jewish Tzitzith, reminding us of our moral and spiritual striving.

jmd's year 2012 emblem

combined 2012 emblem

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hunab ku
Meso-American Hunab-Ku


karmapa wisdom flag
Tibetan Buddhist Karmapa-Wisdom flag




...and now for some rather possibly confronting reflections:
伏羲 – משיח – Ἀριμάνης

'Can a man help imitating that with which he holds reverential converse?'
Plato Republic 500:C

[Please note that most of the following was written prior to Obama being even nominated for the Nobel Peace prize, and prior to realising that his auto-biography was written on his 33rd birthday. Even with this said, and though there are numerous indication that Obama-like characteristics are what someone associated with the vehicle for Ahriman would more or less appear like, I do not claim him to so be – the similarity is more another deception for things to come.]

Rudolf Steiner talks about the incarnation of Ahriman 'before even a part of the third post-Christian millennium will have passed' (Lucifer and Ahriman, November, 1919). I strongly believe we are seeing signs of this in our time, and that inevitably the individual is to be a well-liked and popular world figure that has strong appeal. Yet, it is by his or her actions that s/he is to be judged, not what one would like. For example, in the area of peace, the person is likely to on the one hand advocate a reduction in military spending or engagement, whilst simultaneously, on the other, actively support a (perhaps claimed temporary or needed) increase!

Where the individual is likely to have major influence is in worldwide databasing of individuals, perhaps strongly advocating genetic profiling, very likely presented in a positive light such as reducing illness and prolonging healthy life. Also, prevalent and ubiquitous encouragement of computer usage by children is likely to be encouraged and further tied to regulatory conditions (of either funding or of registration of schools or of teachers). And in a similar vein, the proliferation of genetically modified crops, even in countries that had previously been opposed to such, is likely to be seen, under his or her influence, as highly beneficial.

Such an individual is also likely to be awarded prizes, honorary positions and degrees, and other highly esteemed rankings, based more on perception than on actual contribution. To mimic an aspect of Christ, s/he would likely also have a biography written about him or her around (or precisely) at the age of 33 (or another figure closely connected with his appearance is likely to have the same), though the body for Ahriman is likely to be older than mid-30s in 2012, at which stage s/he is likely to 'end' and be metaphorically crucified (or will that, instead, be vicariously placed, and also become, the demise of the 'announcer'?). S/he will also be somehow 'announced' by another influential figure that already argues for all of the above.

Importantly, like his or her predecessor (the incarnation of Lucifer in about the 3rd millenium BCE in Fu Hsi), s/he will leave behind a long legacy for humanity that can, with our own conscious and conscientious awareness, prove beneficial. If the Mayan 'Long Count' calendar has any reason to emerge with such contemporary prominance, it is, to my view, in large part as 'announcing' these important world markers: the calendar begins this cycle at around the time of Lucifer's incarnation in Fu Hsi, marks its Golden Mean with Christ in Jesus, and ends with Ahriman incarnate in …???

Christ here plays a pivotal point not only in the time-line between these two incarnations, but also between the emergence of two other influential humans each under the influence of quite distinct and opposite powerful spiritual beings, with the Buddha under the influence of Sophia.

Spiritual Forces in the World: Christ, Lucifer, Ahriman, with benefic force of Buddha and desctructive force of mohammed. WIth Divine Sophia and desctructive Sorat/Allah


So WHO is Ahriman?

Someone that has characteristics similar to Ray Kurzweil would fit this overall aspect quite well. Having said this, having characteristics of similarity does not make for identity – what I am here pointing to is the need to remain awake to characteristics.

Yet, to be blunt and honest, the more I read Kurzweil and about him, the more he seems an ideal candidate for the incarnation. He starts young (incredibly around the time of the 1962 eclipse – ie, 'before even a part of the third post-Christian millennium will have passed' ); is incredibly influential, especially with high profile influential people; has not, until very recently, allowed himself to be too much in the public arena; is on numerous executive boards (is this the future form of 'government'?); advocates nearly all that I have listed above; has his name on so many items of increasingly necessary electronic tools, from scanners to electronic keyboards; and his claim for a need for a new world religion (often named 'transhumanism') is something quite astounding. Perhaps Obama and Kurzweil as keynote speakers at the 50th anniversary of the United Church of Christ was also such a 'link' and 'announcement', with Obama being the equivalent, in this case, of announcer. Even Kurweil's first name, Raymond, is about the closest I could think of as a common name that, with only the first two letters swapped, becomes somewhat phonetically similar to 'Ahriman': Arymond. 'Kurzweil', by the way, stems from German and is, according to some online information, a nickname for a joker. Next I expect he'll promulgate the diminishment of the concept of evil as no more than simple banality.

His list of honorary PhDs, presidential acknowledgements, as well as some of the titles (and content) of his books and 'documentaries' (the autobiographical 'Transcendent Man' is incredibly titled) only points towards a desire to remain closely contained within the Earth realm (his advocacy of striving for life eternal here on Earth). His stated intent of 'making the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf to hear' certainly appears bold and altruistic... Apart from his books on 'health' (which advocates and encourages genetic profiling), the book with the most evocative title is the 1999 The Age of Spiritual Machines.

Many other aspects of his life also point to a possible identity when considered in light of Steiner's indications, which I leave the reader to research.



Mirthaic Ahriman (Deus Arimanius / Theos Arimanios)... from a Gnostic text

'And it happened one day, when John, the brother of James – who are the sons of Zebedee – had come up to the temple, that a Pharisee named Arimanius approached him and said to him "Where is your master whom you followed?" And he said to him "He has gone to the place from which he came". The Pharisee said to him "With deception did this Nazarene deceive you (pl.) he filled your ears with lies, and closed your hearts (and) turned you from the traditions of your fathers".'
source: mithras yahoo group | Apocryphon of John