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...notes for a future page (notes made from a talk prepared for another forum).

Towards a four-year course

In reflecting on current esoterically oriented topics, it appears that a quadrivium of subjects captures a rather full broad and deep (adult) education: philosophy; anthroposophy; ritual; and tarot (these are not listed in any particular order).

Each of these has a historical component as well as a spiritual or religious aspect. Tarot reflects art, imagination, beauty; anthroposophy reflects the scientific impulse, including its social and psychological aspects, mathematics, and the seeking for truth; ritual reflects sacred drama that includes the annual festivities that punctuate the calendar, as well as initiation rites and the good; through philosophy an inner core of spiritual understanding develops.











History of Philosophy

Deely Four Ages of Understanding

The Threefold Social Order

  • the constitution & politics
  • economic theories
  • education, religion & the arts

Sacred movement and music

  • Eurythmy
  • ChoreoCosmos
  • Sacred Dance

Foundations of Tarot

David Reading the Marseille Tarot

Year 1




Spiritual Science

Steiner Theosophy

The Mass

  • Roman [ML 1]
  • Orthodox [ML 2]
  • Christian Community [ML 3]

Tarot exegesis

Anonymous Meditations on the Tarot

Year 2




Steiner Philosophy of Freedom

Spiritual insights

Steiner Knowledge of the Higher Worlds


  • Annual
    • Seasonal
    • Universal
  • Personal / Social
    • Birthdays
    • Weddings
  • Rites of Passage
    • Birth
    • Adolescence
    • Adulthood
    • Old age
    • Death

Tarot exegesis (continued)

Anonymous Meditations on the Tarot

Year 3



Significant thematic undertaking

Participation in each of the four areas is also maintained

Year 4


Day sequence:

Sunday - Mass
Monday - Mary-Sophia-Isis
Tuesday - Anthroposophy
Wednesday - Studying the works of various significant authors
Thursday - Manicheanism (inclusive of Cathars and Bogomils) / Meditations on the Tarot
Friday - Understanding Christ
Saturday - Rosary

Term sequence sacred movement and music:

Term 1 (Summer) - Music / singing
Term 2 (Autumn) - Choreocosmos
Term 3 (Winter) - Eurythmy
Term 4 (Spring) - Paneurhythmy

Annual festivals (Southern hemisphere):

7 Adar (or ensuing Sunday sunrise) - Paneurhythmy / Bêma (reflection of 19th August NH)
Autumn Equinox
Easter I.C.M.
Pentecost P.S.S.R.
Winter Solstice
15th August - Assumption
Spring Equinox
Yom Kipur - Prayer, Foundation Stone, and fasting
Summer Solstice
25th December - Christmas E.D.N.

Term dates

Include two ML per term during which the topic is not covered outside that time.

Sequence of MLs:

Ritual :: Tarot :|: Anthroposophy :: Philosophy :|: Philosophy :: Anthroposophy :|: Tarot :: Ritual

Semester 1 begins 4th of March ends 7th June [///]

Semester 2 begins 29th July ends 1st November [///]

A graduate of the seminar is a fellow and is awarded a parchment