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Festivals in the Cycle of the Year


St Louis NativitySt Louis CrucifixionSt Louis Pentecost


In addition to personal and nationhood relevant celebrations, of great significance are the punctuations through the course of the year having universal import. These are the ones that mark the year with spiritual flourishings, irrespective of their being recognised as such: the natural markers reflecting the seasons and peak points; and the Judeo-Christian markers. These may also be further accentuated by specific astrological configurations (for example, a lunar eclipse).

This festival 'map' itself has numerous harmonics. For example, the three-foldness of Easter (Friday - crucifixion; Saturday - descent; Sunday - resurrection) is itself reflected in Christ's life of baptism, easter, and ascension, that again encapsulates the overall pattern of Christmas, Easter and Pentecost.

Each of these also have another 'harmonic' flourishing in the festivals of Wesak (for Christmas), Yom Ki[p]pur (for Easter), and the Assumption (for Pentecost).

We should also note that Christmas contains an important mystery of Hannukah; Easter of Pesach; Pentecost of Shavuot; and that Yom Kipur is itself 'completed' through the events of Sukkot.

The Solstices are also marked by the two St John festivals: the Evangelist on the 27th of December; and the Baptist on the 24th June. The September Equinox by Michael's day on the 29th of September.

This page is not to detail these and other festivals, but more simply to provide an overarching image of the year's festivities.



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