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Freemasonry — resources


Lodge of Research

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highly recommended:

Bernheim, Alain
     Une certaine idée de la franc-maçonnerie
     isbn 9782844545640 (in French)
     by far the best collection of historical essays I have read

Naudon, Paul
     Secret History of Freemasonry
     isbn 159477028X

Jones B. E.
     Freemasons' Guide and Compendium
     isbn 0245561250


Hamill and Gilbert
     World Freemasonry
     isbn 0850307228

Roberts, A.E.
     The craft and its symbols
     isbn 0880530588

Jackson K.
     Beyond the Craft
     isbn 0853182485

Solis, Jean
     Guide Pratique de la Franc-Maçonnerie
     isbn 2844542697 (in French)


Steiner, Rudolf
     Freemasonry and Ritual Work:
      The Misraim Service

     isbn 9780880106122

Steiner, Rudolf
     Temple Legend:
      Freemasonry and Related Occult Movements



research lodges:

> Lodge of Research - 218 (UGLV)

> Quatuor Coronati Lodge - 2076 (UGLE)

> William Preston Lodge (France)

research societies and sites:

> Philalethes Society

> Cornerstone Society

> Womenmasons: Bulletin Board

> Pietre-Stones

> Iberian Centre for Masonic Studies

> MasonWiki

> Freemasonry.fm

> The Square (Lewis Masonic)

> Freemasonry Today



highly recommended:

> International Co-Freemasonry (LDH)

> Renaissance Traditionnelle

> Memphis-Misraim (in French)

> Memphis-Misraïm book (Fr)

Grand Orients & Grand Lodges list

> Worldwide GOs/GLs


> Quarry Masonic Forum

> Masonic Forum of Light


rituals & documents

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