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September 2016

Fourhares.com's Tarot Studies - jmd's tarot archive

newsletter issue #121
In Memorium: Frank K. Jensen – by Lyn Howarth-Olds

[…]Frank’s interest in Tarot began in the early ’70s. He was not a Tarot Reader. But, among other things, he was a Tarot collector, Tarot author, Tarot researcher and archivist. In 1975 he established Spilkammeret [...]

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Jean-Michel David, Reading the Marseille Tarot

Reading the Marseille Tarot

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Dear --name--

There is no doubt that Frank Jensen's passing deeply touches many amongst us who have been around the tarot (or indeed anthroposohical and cinematographic) world for some time. Amongst his many other connections, Frank shared not only a tarot interest, as well as, though in quite different ways to myself, having a connection with Rudolf Steiner's works. As Lyn has written the in memoriam, I shall leave it for readers to refer to the above article. Needless to say, I am sure I share the feelings of many in passing on my condolences to his family and close friends. He will be missed.

On Saturday and Sunday, Victoria Chorale (with which I am involved) will be singing the Requiem by Mozart - I'll keep Frank in mind during this timely rendition.

On a different note, I'll be addressing the post-graduate students at the Charles Darwin University next month, with a focus on the development of Steiner-Waldorf education as an instantiation of one branch in what Steiner referred to as the three-fold social order.


Victoria Chorale - Mozart's Requiem

7:30 pm, Saturday 17th of September, Collingwood Town Hall (Melbourne)
3:00pm, Sunday 18th September, St Patrick's Cathedral, Ballarat

For tickets, details and who the soloists are, here are the links:

> victoriachorale.org.au
> facebook.com/VictoriaChoraleMelbourne/ & 'Like' us!


Melbourne: trybooking.com/KEGT or by telephone 9885 2744
Ballarat: trybooking.com/MELG or by telephone 5333 5888


ThreeHares in New Scientist

A fellow member of the Victorian Lodge of Research has allerted me to a short piece included in a current issue of New Scientist on the same motif as my own website. As I mention on my homepage, I have long been interested in the three-hare 'problem', and the author of the article and I had been in touch some years ago. It's certainly good to see that this interest is capturing the imagination of others!

> The ‘three hares’ motif is an ancient mystery for our times


PESA Conference in Fiji - 8-12 December

Knowledge Ecologies

Come early December, the Philosophy of Education Society of Australasia (PESA) will be having its annual conference, this time in Fiji. I'll be presenting a paper on Steiner-Waldorf Education. If interested in attending, it's not too late to book... for details, visit their website:

> pesa.org.au/conference



San Diego Conference April 2017

Emily Auger has recently sent a reminder of the fast-approaching October 1, 2016, deadline for submissions to the Tarot/Divination area of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association conference in San Diego 12-15 April 2017.

All aspects of Tarot and Divination are of potential interest and for 2017 there are specific calls for participants in sessions on
—Divination Themes in Literature, particular Mythopoeic literature (there is a possible publication tie-in for presenters on this one);
—Tarot poetry and prose (authors reading and discussing their work); and also
—Spirit Communication through Divination.

For more information check out

> pcaaca.org/tarot-in-culture/


Meditations on the Tarot

We're all too speedily getting yet again through this most incredibly wonderful book. If in the Melbourne area and you are interested in participating as we enter the last few monthly meetings, do drop in. Check my Fourhares page for more details:

> Meditations on the Tarot


UK Tarot Conference 13th-15th October

Getting even closer is the October UK Tarot Conference. Still time to book if you're planning to participate!

> UK Tarot Conference



Jean Darquenne and Angela Joschko are now preparing their new CARTORAMA catalogue no. 61 in readiness for the third week in September. It is expected to contain 291 decks from 28 countries, the oldest one is from circa 1770.

> www.cartorama.de
> www.facebook.com/cartorama (again, do 'Like' the page!)


2016 Philosophy Melbourne-based course

Participation for Term 4 is open - simply come along to the first session on Friday the 7th of October. The focus will be working through the central concepts in R. Steiner's Philosophy of Freedom.

Cost: per term: $220 (conc. $78)

> Philosophy Course



Sophia Australis - ChoreoCosmos Eurythmy

December 2016 and January 2017 Cosmic and Sacred Dance Workshops

Brisbane and Melbourne.

Prior to the Brisbane workshop, I'll be giving a talk on R. Steiner's Foundation Stone.

Robert Powell and Marcia Burchard will again be coming to Australia at the end of the year.

> Sophia Australis for details, or to register, visit the Registration page.

A pdf flyer is available for download here:

> www.sophia-australis.org/pdf/2016-2017_Sophia_Flyer.pdf



until next,

Jean-Michel David



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