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Philosophy Workshops — 2016

occasional workshops for personal and professional development

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Wisdom as the good in metamorphosis
a paper prepared for the April 2016 VAPS Conference

For the Good to emerge out of human action, contextually appropriate insight, judgement and decision needs to be made by a discerning conscious being. Weaving selections from philosophical thoughts in classical (eg, Plato; Aristotle); late antiquity to late medieval (eg Iamblichus; Boethius; Poinsot); religious (Christian, Buddhist, and Manichean); and contemporary (eg, Steiner; Lonergan; Deely) sources, a case will be made that each instance of ethical judgement brings with it a heightening and furthering of the Good as well as, and consequentially, its consubstantiation into Wisdom.


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Towards Understanding Ethics
a one-day workshop for teachers - March 2016

The VCAA has specified new 'Capability' requirements to be taught from Foundation through to Year 10 as of 2016, and included in student reports as of 2017. Amongst these is 'Ethical Capability'.

The workshop is focussed, in the first instance, in bringing through enthused light philosophical ethical notions as well as deepening understanding of pedagogical principles pertinent to the moral development of students. Of interest will be to consider various ethical notions people hold as well as typical developmental phases that students exhibit.

The afternoon session will look at VCAA documents and begin the process to assist in meeting the requirements in an appropriate manner.



Participants are requested to have their own copy of the VCAA (A3) single-page document available from their website:

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Ethics Professional Development Workshop for Teachers
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Michael Centre
37A Wellington Park Drive

Dates and time

Friday 4th March 2016
9:00 am - 3:00 pm


$165 (conc. $78)


Please bring your own lunch. The morning and afternoon sessions include a short break.

9:00—12:00 : presentation & discussion
12:00—1:00 : lunch break
1:00—3:00 : practical focus