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Meditations on the Tarot


Reading the Marseille Tarot


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Meditations on the Tarot

2017-2018 programme in Bibra Lake (Perth)

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Christian Hermeticism

Let's not beat about the bush... the author is one who walks his own path, ever deepening his (and our) understanding within the occidental tradition.

Taking the time to attend a Catholic or Orthodox mass (on a number of occasions) will deepen an understanding of the writings of the author.

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meditations on the tarot course melbourneYou will need:

a copy of the book Meditations on the Tarot.

A copy of the deck used by the author is also recommended: the Ancien Tarot de Marseille (France Cartes edition).

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previous programmes (Warranwood - Michael Centre)

2010 - 2012

Over the course of three years, discussions on each letter of this book took place, allowing two sessions per letter, as well as summary sessions between the years.


2013 & 2014

This was followed with two consecutive one-year courses. In 2013, on the first Saturdays of each month (except January) and the ensuing Mondays; in 2014 having longer 'double' sessions on the Saturdays, each session covering one letter.

2015 & 2016

Over the course of 2015 and 2016, we again met on the first Saturdays of each month (except for January), between 4 and 7 pm, each session covering one letter.



Reading the Marseille Tarot
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A self-paced tarot coure based on the Jean Noblet 1650 Paris deck

Click below to obtain your copy of Reading the Marseille Tarot in either print or e.book versions:

> Reading the Marseille Tarot

Regarding the Noblet deck

The book assumes that you will obtain a copy of the Jean Noblet Tarot (though images are produced within the book). The deck is available directly from Roxanne Flornoy (located in France) and from Tarotgarden (located in the USA). Please mention my name and fourhares.com when obtaining your deck (I do not get any funds from this, just a little kudos).

Images from the Noblet tarot can be viewed here:

> Noblet tarot



Reading the Marseile Tarot


30 week tarot course

Reading the Marseille Tarot is based on this former online course (with some necessary minor adjustments). Please note that I do not plan to offer this course any longer as it is essentially covered in the book.

Past participant feedback is shown to the right and below.
C1 took place between October 2007 and June 2008;
C2 between July 2008 and February 2009;
C3 between March and November 2009; and
C4 between March and December 2010.


I have completed the 30 weeks’ course of Tarot Studies with Jean-Michel David in 2008 and found each encounter both enriching and inspiring. My knowledge of Tarot history and the multiple aspects of each card was greatly increased and the sessions of readings inspired me to practise reading cards for both myself and some of my friends.

The many images shown from centuries of Tarot history increased my sensitivity to the possibilities hidden and revealed in the Tarot, just as my study of the Hebrew Letters has done. The wonderful connections in Kabbalah, mystical spirituality and Tarot revealed more about the esoteric aspects of my religious convictions.»

Judy Racz - artist

JMD's 30 week TDM course has been a surprising and satisfying journey into the TdM and the Tarot in general.

In 6 short pages every week, JMD's chapters are like fertilizer to anyone wanting to grow their understanding and expand their skills with these fascinating cards.

The ideas presented are offered with outside links creating the opportunity for a chain reaction of study that continues as far as the student chooses to go. A week was not always enough to follow a card. It covers history, philosophy, art, tantalizing educated speculation and opens a window into the minds of the TdM's creators.

The exercises provided many challenges that have opened new ways of seeing the cards. Play is encouraged and patterns and conversations between the cards or even within a single card, depending on the context, were very revealing and creatively stimulating. The amount of information and direction was just enough and suited me even when my attention span was, for what ever reason, shortened.

This course is not for the timid, however. An open mind and curiosity are required as well as the desire to stick with it to see the patterns and links emerge.. I plan to go back over the course again as I expect that I'll find new things revealed with each review. No question the author has put a tremendous amount of work and effort behind this course. I have never seen anything that even comes close! Highly recommended!!»


I found the course (interrupted by some travel) well worth while.
It did not help me read with a TDM, but it solidified how I feel about Tarot, and historical cards. I explored new ideas in contemplating images, learned new areas of interest, re- read some books with a new eye, and became more structured in how I approach Tarot History. These things are invaluable.

I used the jmd's discussions/chapters on a trip around Italy, and it enriched that adventure. I knew what I was looking for, for starters. Perhaps not oddly, but what I learned in the course about reading the cards, I applied to non historical decks with excellent success for my inner eye.

I value education highly, and the educator in jmd is obvious and skillful.

One of the attitudes that I found great, was the spacing or organising of subjects each week. There was for me a structured UN- flow, so I wove through the deck without losing interest. For example- Alchemy before Temperance and the Devil was structured- but did not feel that way. Very clever!

Well done!!

As to the Noblet... Well I value it as I return to it again and again to check things out. I trimmed the corners too :) It is convenient to carry around too!»


   Noblet Marseille Tarot Course Melbourne and Internet

Comments about the 30 week course

I have been reading Tarot 30 yrs. I have taken several Tarot courses from some of the most respected Tarot folks teaching today. JMDs course ranks up there with the very best. It is well worth the time & effort.

JMD is one of those rare teachers who takes you on the journey with him. He made the Noblet, history, art & the entire TdM come alive for me. I grew & expanded my Tarot knowledge with this course. I truly looked forward to EACH weekly lesson!»


I found this course to be well worthwhile. Anyone who is interested in going behind and beyond the standard modern tarot interpretations will find much to learn and to do. Horizons will be broadened, vistas will be explored, inner maps will be redrawn.»

Lee Bursten - author and deck designer

Its not easy to choose appropriate adjectives to describe Jean Michel David's "30 Weeks of Tarot" course... It's one of a kind experience, an enjoyable and fulfilling journey of learning and self discovery through Major Arcanum of Tarot de Marseilles. Prior to signing up for this course I thought I'd never make it, I wished all this TdM "craze" would simply go away, but in only thirty weeks Ii changed my mind and became a "TdM convert" with the accompanying the conversion zest and verve!

I wholeheartidly recommend this course not only as the best available "tool" to comprehend Tarot de Marseilles, but also as an amazing opportunity to expand the understanding and obtain a fresh view – through an unusually beautiful and mystical prism of TdM – of the ancient history, Greek thought, Western philosophy and last, but not the least, Jewish mysticism.»

Lena Ruth Stefanovic, writer, author of Archetype of Miracles and Io Triumpe, Montenegro

Just got to the end of the course. While I realised early on that it wasn't exactly what I was looking or, I enjoyed the few exercises and I will keep the Pdf files as they are a goldmine of historical information.

I would recommend anyone to participate because even if it's not exactly what's expected, at some point in the future it may be just what's needed.

Thank you JMD.»


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