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The Tetragrammaton,
Tarot Court Cards and Eliphas Levi

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Noblet Tarot Queen of Batons

Clefs Majeures et Clavicules de Salomon

In 1860, Eliphas Levi wrote a small volume in effect on tarot in which, in addition to the trumps, the pips and the court cards were attributed 'seals' and Hebrew letters or words.

At this stage I'll only briefly discuss the court cards and their respective attributions as it is all too often through that this was the invention of the Golden Dawn. As can be seen below, it's clear that the GD itself gets its view from E. Levi.


Levi has the following to say of the letters of the Tetragrammaton:

Toute la puissance est dans une seule, Jod.
Son reflet est dans une autre, Hé.
Il s'explique par la troisième, Vav.
Il se féconde par la quatrième, Hé.


All power is within one, Yod.
Its reflection is in another, Heh.
It explicates itself via the third, Vav.
It fecunds itself via the fourth, Heh.

Court cards and the letters




King of Sceptre

The father

Eliphas Levi Court Card attributions


King of Cup

Spouse of the mother


King of Sword

Prince of love

King of Circle

Father creator





Queen of Sceptre

Spouse of the father

Eliphas Levi Court Card attributions


Queen of Cup

Master of herself


Queen of Sword

Princess of love

Queen of Circle

Master of children





Cavalier of Sceptre

Conquestor of power

Eliphas Levi Court Card attributions


Cavalier of Cup

Conquestor of happiness


Cavalier of Sword

Conquestor of love

Cavalier of Circle

Conquestor of works





Valet of Sceptre

Slave of man

Eliphas Levi Court Card attributions


Valet of Cup

Slave of woman


Valet of Sword

Slave of love

Valet of children

or of Circles