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Tutoring: Philosophy and Maths
Jean-Michel David

N.B. having more recently moved to Perth, new tutoring places are now available

Philosophy, English and Maths tutoring in Melbourne's outer eastern area

Jean-Michel DavidIf you're keen in improving your interest and understanding in either Philosophy, English or Mathematics, I may be able to assist. My background is in teaching, more specifically in independent schools and in teacher-training. I have been teaching since 1987 at various levels: secondary (Maths, History, Humanities, Psychology and other subjects); adult (mainly in teacher training); and University (Philosophy).

The best time to organise tutoring is when you do not have the pressure of exams (or equivalent). For most students, I would suggest three consecutive weekly sessions, at most repeated each term. The increased confidence and personal engagement in the work will likely carry through!

What I offer (more details below):

• Philosophy — VCE & IB (including ToK)
• Philosophy — tertiary level
• English — years 7-12
• Maths — years 7-10 only


• Perth Western suburbs or by negotiation


• late afternoon or evening by negotiation, subject to availability


• These are based on 45mins and may be arranged in small groups at your preference.


• $75 per student for each session, payable in advance of each session.


Contact details:

For first contact, please send me an email.

• email - jmd@fourhares.com

In order to maximise focussed attention, I ask that no television, radio nor other distractions be switched on during the session (even if you normally find it easier to work with music!). All our work will normally be done by discussion and with pencil and paper (and calculator when appropriate), with no computer modelling.


Philosophy and English

University level

Though I am happy to organise sessions in all areas of philosophy and literature, my specific main areas of interest are in epistemology, semiotics, and ethics.

VCE and IB

Discussions and essay writing suggestions will be based on the specific topic being addressed at the time. Essay writing, in particular, will only be worked to draft stage.

The focus of the tutoring sessions is intended to raise the level of understanding of the philosophical or key concepts and ideas in the areas being studied, and is not meant to specifically focus on general essay writing skills.



What I describe below is more typical. Individual students may have distinct needs.

Year 10 Maths:

Class 10 opens yet further into abstractions. An additional problem arises in that there are often many different ways to solve a particular problem (though this was also the case in earlier years, but without the level of complexity presented at this level).

Our working focus will often be to seek to apply the most general of ways to solve questions, understanding that other methods would yield similar results.

Year 9 Maths:

Year 9 is more often a continuation of Year 8, with some concepts pushed far beyond everyday experience. It is often this apparent separation between the 'normal world' and the mathematical one that makes it difficult to grasp the problems at hand.

Our working focus will be to strive to enter the imaginative world of mathematics, as a world filled with these strange numerical entities. Problems are then seen as excercises in understanding that realm.

Year 8 Maths:

Year 8 is often a transition year in terms of Maths, in that students that may have found maths quite 'easy' in the past suddendly struggle with coming to terms with new ways of working. This is usually because a different kind of thinking may be required.

In exceptional circumstances, I may be willing to assist with a student in Class 7. Our working focus will be by striving to sort out how the maths problems are handled, and providing perhaps different ways to see them.


Note: I reserve the right to cease ongoing tutoring should I deem the sessions to be educationally ineffective.