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Though this kind of page reflects a brief overview of the year that I regularly do, it is rare that I take the time to also upload such a page.

This page is (currently) about various significant dates for the year.

JANUARY: Three Magi - Baptism

Epiphany occurs on the last of the 12 days of Christmas: the 6th of January.

The magi from the east bring forth three gifts, and Christ is baptised 30 years later.

FEBRUARY: Chinese New Year and Lughnasadh

Lughnasadh (Southern) occurs on the 4th.

The 19th of Februrary marks the entry into the year of the (Wood) Sheep (also called the Ram or Goat). The new year (given the Chinese calendar is lunisolar) is marked by the New Moon, and hence a conjunction between Sun and Moon. A wood-sheep should present a relatively benign year.

This year begins relatively late following the Solstice compared to most other years.


MARCH: Equinox, New Moon with Solar Eclipse

The Solar Eclipse the 20th of March falls on the Equinox (21st March), which precedes the Blood Moon of Passover in April. The path of the eclipse moves around Iceland through to the North Pole.

The Annunciation also takes place on the 25th.

May the goats be separated from the sheep, and the blood of the lamb protect and heal.


APRIL: Easter and Passover

Passover begins on the 4th of April, with a Blood Moon (the third in a series of four), and directly connecting the Roman and Orthodox Easter: Easter Friday is on the 3rd of April, followed by the first day of Passover on Easter Saturday, with the last day of Passover on Saturday of the Orthodox Easter celebrations.



MAY: Samhain, Pentecost and Shavuot

Samhain (Southern) occurs on the 6th.

On the 24th of May coincides Shavuot and Pentecost.

It is increasingly possible that this year marks the positioning of the foundation stone for the Third Temple.


JUNE: Corpus Christi and the Solstice

Corpus Christi occurs on the 4th of June.

The Solstice takes place on the 22nd of June (at least in our longitude).



AUGUST: Assumption of Mary, Imbolg

(Southern) Imbolg is on the 8th of August.

The Assumption of Mary on the 15th.



SEPTEMBER: Yom Kippur, Equinox, Sukkot and St Michael's Day

Rosh Hashana (14th September) follows a partial Solar eclipse (13th September)

This year, Yom Kippur falls on the Equinox of 23rd of September and is, given other signs, quite telling.

The Blood Moon of the 28th of September marks Sukkot - and is the fourth 'consecutive' blood moon (2014 - 2015), a rare occurance that may be linked to biblical prophecy with regards the Jewish nation (hence Israel). That this also coincides with St Michael's day (on the 29th) is worth noting.


NOVEMBER: Beltane and Advent

Beltane (Southern) occurs on the 8th.

Advent begins on the 29th of November.



DECEMBER: Hannukah, the Solstice and Christmas

Hannukah begins its eight-day cycle on the 7th of December, finishing on the 14th. The Solstice takes place on the 22nd, with Christmas, as usual, on the 25th.