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• Last Friday afternoon the Earth was at aphelion, at its longest distance from the Sun during our Earth's annual ovoïd orbit. This time, coinciding with teh energies of a New Moon.

• I am reminded of an extract from a letter Thomas Jefferson wrote to Lafayette: 'What government can bear depends not on the state of science, however exalted, in a select band of enlightened men, but on the condition of the general mind'. Perhaps a useful reminder in the presumptions of the diffused and progressive shift from democracy to bureaucracy that western nations, including our own, are fast experiencing. Perhaps especially relevant as Blackrock seems to be celebrating the recent 'election' results of the UK.

Katana Innate Healing for Happiness – make a booking for Spinal Flow (check this video on YouTube) by contacting her at Margaret River Remedial Massage.

James on InnerDance, a meditation and sound healing, Book here for any of the following dates:
• Sunday 14th July from 3 to 5pm - The Shala, 64 Town View Terrace, Margaret River
• Sunday 28th July from 3 to 5pm - Essential Yoga – 42 Albert St, Busselton
• Sunday 11st August from 3 to 5pm - The Shala, 64 Town View Terrace, Margaret River

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This week's contribution

Ascent and Metamorphosis: Tarot as a Spiritual Tool
reflections and preparation for a forthcoming course

Over the past couple of weeks I have been rather focussed on preparing for a multi-episode recording of a planned online course to be delivered in a number of countries... from Argentina and Brazil to Italy and Russia.

I met Franco Rossi in Madrid at the International Tarot Congress in 2019, and we formed an instant friendship. Not only was there, of course, a common engagement with tarot, but his way of working reflects the striving of someone who seeks to engage with spiritual work. The ‘work’ being none other than inner transformation of the Self or, as I at times mention: entering, and slowly but surely ascending, the mount of the Adept. Of what Teresa of Avila describes in her spiritual classic Interior Castle.

When Franco decided to organise an international tarot congress in Italy (Congresso Tarot Italia), which was to be preceded by a workshop that I was to conduct in April (2020), it was with gratitude and an honour to accept. Of course, 2020 proved to be a, inernational hookwinked political disaster, due to international (and European) travel and congregating restrictions. The Congress as originally planned did not take place, yet we were in some ways blessed through recordings and an increased online presence.

Tarot appears to go through cycles: in the 1800s, it was prominent especially in France and was beginning to surge in Russia, only to be cut short there by the 1917 revolution. It was picked up and dominated new age movements in the English speaking world from the 1960s until the beginning of this century. And it appears to resurging in Russian, Spanish and Portuguese speaking regions. These are blessings that need to be acknowledged: the spiritual dimensions and inner life weaving through each of those language traditions enrich and revivify tarot as tool of Self-Awakening.

Another consequence, if history is any guide, is that the impetus to find and design new and myriad decks will also renew its essential foundation in what is referred to as the ‘Marseille’ deck (even if the design is not actually from Marseille!). My book Reading the Marseille Tarot, will, I trust, continue to be valued in this endeavour.

As I mentioned in my presentation for the Congresso Tarot Italia, tarot is the modern western esoteric equivalent to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra. The cards are symbolic aphorisms pictorially given. As authentic symbols, as the Russian Valentin Tomberg indicates in his Meditations sur les 22 arcanes majeurs du Tarot, they are neither merely allegories nor secrets. Instead, as authentic symbols – to quote from the same book in its orginal French - these images ‘cachent et révèlent a la fois leur sens au fur et à mesure de la profondeur du recueillement de celui qui les médite’ – (my translation): ‘they simultaneously conceal and reveal their sense gradually according to the contemplative depth reached by the meditator’. As tarot unveils itself to our inner reflections, to our contemplative beholding, to the ruminations of our heart, it reveals and reflects the universal human condition. And in that sense, we will find parallels, or, if you prefer, we will find similar unveilings, in other spiritual impulses, such as the esoteric Christian tradition, the Kabalah, Paneurhythmy, on Cathedral petroglyphs, in Anthroposophy, Alchemy, and Sacred Geometry.

Tarot births and develops in European soil by the late 15th century, having roots in more ancient precedents. The earliest known decks, such as the one created in the mid-fifteenth century for the Visconti-Sforza family, I consider not-quite-tarot, but rather prototypes in tarot’s development. This development is infused with Christian (and Rosicrucian) sources, as well as streams from late antiquity and earlier – from Rome to Judea, from ancient Greece to Egypt, from the metamorphosis of Manichean spiritual flowering prominant in various parts of Europe and to streams further afield. This heritage is not tarot’s inherited formation, but rather spiritual forces or elements absorbed through – to continue the plant analogy - its root-hairs, through which they act as mineral and salt, dissolved and coagulating as tarot’s spiritual topological-mythos descends to form its now familiar sequence of images.

Quoting again from the same book, Meditations sur les 22 arcanes du tarot: [p260 in the English translation] ‘The authors who saw in the Tarot the “Sacred Book of Thoth” […] were both right and wrong at the same time. They were right in so far as they traced back the history of the essence of Tarot to antiquity, notably to ancient Egypt. And they were wrong in so far as they believed that the Tarot had been inherited from ancient Egypt, ie that it had been transmitted from generation to generation subject to minor iconographic changes’.

Tarot, qua tarot, emerges at the time that Rudolf Steiner points to as the emergence of Consciousness Soul: around 1440. Tarot reflects the same inner transformations as one walks the path of the Mountain of the Adept (with all its pitfalls), as we seek to enter the inner chambers of the heart in which the sacred marriage may produce the transmutation from deadened lead to living gold, a path that requires ongoing transformation – or, to use a more efficient term, derived from the Greek and certainly in important usage in Christian development, metanoia – a ‘turning’ of the heart – a turning that at each new awakening, each new insight, each new unveiling of the worlds, brings with it a corresponding ascent towards, or into, the depths of spiritual realm.

How does tarot aid and reflect this process? When we look at its structure, we first find a two-fold pattern: it has an exterior and an interior progression. These are the same process seen from differing perspectives. Here the Marseille’s additive Roman numbering will assist us. I – VIIII is a progression of which we can speak and see in the outer world, and to which we are then invited to ‘return’, or fold over, with the Wheel of Fortuna, the ‘turning’ indicated through both its image as well as its numeral ‘X’. The subsequent images – from XI onwards - brings the interiority of the sequence. XI, XII, etc respectively matching the ‘outer’ faces of I, II, III, etc, until we reach Judgement which calls a re-emergence from the inner ‘grave’ back to the outer world, but now into an awakened spiritual realm represented by XXI that, ultimately, presents its face to the world as but a fool, the Fou.

So here we already can see a structure from which numerous reflections and insights may be gained: The Bateleur, as first in the series, working in any field of human endeavour, needs an inner Courage to master and play with the task at hand.

And so we can carefully observe how the images, on this ascent, in this process of awakening, of metamorphosis, of transmutation, of, indeed, transubstantiation, leads us ever towards and into the spiritually present dimensions, to those realms of awakened Consciousness. It is instructive and wondrous that Peter Deunov, in developing Paneurhythmy, unveils precisely the same pattern.

From Discover Redox - Redox Science

Up to 31% Increase in Gene Expression
In a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled study, 60 participants were divided into three groups, 25 in the active group (ASEA REDOX), 25 in the placebo group (saline placebo), and 10 in the control group (did not drink either ASEA REDOX or placebo). It is important to note that the placebo was the same saline used to create the ASEA REDOX for this study but did not contain ASEA’s patented redox molecules.

(Note: The positive results of ASEA REDOX, over the saline solution that ASEA is made from, should be considered definitive proof, even for the most dedicated skeptic, that ASEA is NOT a bottle of salt water, despite being made from salt and water)

Each participant, except for the control group, drank 4 ounces of ASEA REDOX or placebo twice daily. Participants’ blood was drawn at week zero and at week eight. Results showed a 20 – 31% difference in gene expression abundance in five genes that play a vital role in five human health areas; Immune Function, Inflammatory Response, Cardiovascular Health, Digestive Health and Hormone Modulation. These genes are also involved in dozens of other pathways that also positively impact many other areas of human health.

Up to 60% Increase in NRF2 Activation
NRF2 is one type of transcription factor that regulates the expression of antioxidant proteins that protect against oxidative damage, triggered by injury and inflammation. Results showed that ASEA Redox Supplement induces up to a 60% increase in the nuclear translocation (activation) of the NRF2 transcription factor in the cells.

NRF2 directly and dramatically amplifies the innate ability to produce antioxidant protection by signaling DNA. Activating NRF2 with the ASEA Redox Supplement triggers the production of antioxidant molecules, such as Glutathione, which provide protection against the effects of free radicals, compared to standard antioxidant supplements.

> See also From Vaccine Injury to Vitality: and ASEA Story

ASEA products

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This product, from an independent endeavour that big-pharma tried to buy-out and silence, is worth investigating. Based on scientific investigations and findings that are still relatively new: check out publications on Redox on PubMed.

If you've ever wondered about it, do give it a try. For the ASEA drink, and though some people have had immediate benefits, it is recommended to try it for three months to see the difference (drinking one small cup daily, a box of four bottles lasts one month). The gel (Renu28) can be used topically for skin health and as a beauty product.

Do check out our webpage at redoxhealth.au, this American-based report on 'vaccine' injury and recovery. I'll be updating the RedoxHealth.au website in the near future.

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Summary of RECENT FINDINGS (independent research by University of Bath and University of Western Sydney):

• The research conducted independently by both universities found that the Nrf2 pathway was significantly impacted by redox signaling molecules.

• Nrf2 is a genetic pathway that plays a vital role in regulating genes that support response and resilience to a range of stressors. These stressors may include fatigue, emotional stress, inflammation, environmental pollution, and even lifestyle factors such as poor diet or sedentary behavior.

• One key finding in the research was that supplementation with redox signaling molecules increased Nrf2 activity by up to 60%. This is significant given the Nrf2 pathway enhances the antioxidant protective system inside our bodies’ cells. (See fig. 7B.)

• Another key finding is that supplementation with redox signaling molecules increased cells’ production of protective proteins like glutathione, which play important roles in promoting overall balance. The research revealed that supplementation with redox signaling molecules increased glutathione production by 40% in healthy cells and that it restored glutathione production in compromised cells even more—by 55%. (See figs. 12A and 12B.)

The White Paper (linked above) includes the following explanation:

Signal transduction by electron transfer, or redox signaling requires an electrophile (a molecule that attracts electrons) reacting with a nucleophile (a molecule that will give up electrons). Redox signaling involves reactions where an electrophile takes electrons away leaving the nucleophile in a more oxidized state (oxidation reaction). In this situation the electrophile is called an oxidant. On the other hand, reductive stress is characterized by an excess of cellular electron donors. When conditions result in ratios where antioxidants exceed pro-oxidants, reductive stress occurs with a consequent excess accumulation of reducing equivalents like reduced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NADH), for example, surpassing the compensatory activities of regulatory oxidoreductases. In summary, oxidation and reduction by loss or gain of an electron induce changes in structural and functional characteristics of molecules, thus modifying signaling processes.

Redox signaling is part of the normal physiology of all cells, including flow stimulated growth of endothelial cells, and plays a significant role in pathophysiological responses such as occur in ischemia/reperfusion injury, as well.

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